Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to Life! Back to Reality!

Do you remember the song from the '90s that started with the words "Back to Life, Back to Reality"? Well, it's now Sunday evening and all over the world people are getting ready to head back to life, back to reality. Why? Because work beckons!

On the weekend, we relax and take it easy. Come Monday morning, we're back to reality.

Did you know that according to the American Heart Association more than 50% of heart attacks occur on Monday mornings. I believe that this is due to the process of gearing back up for life as usual - business meetings, deadlines, horns honking, etc.

It's not easy to get back into that routine at all. What do you do? How do you go about getting back to your normal daily routine?

One thing that works for me is thinking of my wife and kids as my bosses. That means I "kiss up" to them and try to please them.

Work can be quite fulfilling. But it does take it's toll at times. I find that when I use my family as motivation, it puts the challenging moments in perspective.

For some of you, this was your "every other weekend" when your kids come to visit you before returning to their moms. Kudos to you for that because it takes a special dad to maintain a loving relationship with his kids - even when they live elsewhere.

Let's get back to work - with the perspective that our families are the reason that we make our daily sacrifices.

Have a great week. Let's make it a great one.

The Upbeat Dad


  1. Being a single dad has given me a perspective on life that goes far beyond "providing"........i have 3 girls (twins-23 and a 16 year old)...over the past 10 years they have helped me to become a better father and not only a provider.... i had to learn to do their hair and multitask, things i took for granted before....PTA meetings and school activities had to be scheduled around work.....The biggest adjustment was moving to Houston and living for 3 years while completing a project for my job..My girls were very supportive and they made the adjustment quite easy.....The twins are finishing Grad school, while my 16 year old who scored a 1690 on her SATs is getting ready for College....i feel blessed!!! Growing up in Christiana,Jamaica , in an atmosphere that fostered the importance of education and personal responsibility helped me in giving my girls the guidance they needed and continue to need.....after all,A FATHERS 'JOB' IS NEVER DONE!!!!

  2. Melvin, thanks for sharing. You're indeed an upbeat dad. A single dad of 3 girls. How do you do it? They are the better for it because of your involvement. Thanks on behalf of all the dads and moms and kids! You're a good man!