Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Night Fever!

Hi there,

Just chiming in before bed this evening. Today's been a long but productive day. I went to a prayer breakfast at my church. It was a good getaway from my normal routine to recharge my battery. Great time it was but now I'm exhausted.

Do you remember the movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John? It's an older movie from the '70s but no doubt it's a pop culture iconic film.

Saturday Night Fever is a different kinda fever for me these days. As I type this, it's 11 pm here on the East Coast.. It doesn't seem too long ago that 11 pm was the time to leave home for the night's activities. Late night partying used to be the order of the day for me years ago but then reality and responsibility set in. Now my "fever" is all about excitement for being with my family. I can't imagine where I'd rather be than at home with them and enjoying their company.

As life goes on our interests and desires change. Perhaps you can relate to this. Home is really where the heart is. Unfortunately, many dads never really make the transition from the party, club-hopping life to the life of fatherhood and the responsibility of taking care of a family. So their kids suffer while they try to find themselves.

How about you? Have you made a smooth transition to parenthood - accepting the responsibilities and obligations that come with it? Or are you ok with living a carefree life while others raise your children? I trust that wherever you find yourself at this point, you would recognize that with kids comes the responsibility to shape and mold their lives.

Going out and having fun is great - even I do that at this point. But it should all be put in perspective. Sometimes I travel. Other times I may work late or have networking or other events that keep me away from home. But I yearn to be with my wife and kids so as I'm able to, I try to get home so that we can continue to build our lives together.

I would hate to think that my kids grow up but because I refused to do the same, I missed the different milestones in their development. You can never recapture those formative years so it's important to make the most of each stage of our children's development.

Well, it's off to bed now. I'm sure our newborn will get my wife and me up at some point in the next couple hours. If I'm going to be sleep deprived, I'd much rather have it this way - being there for my kids than having myself a ball and missing out on the precious moments that come with raising them.

Enjoy the rest of the day/night. And may you enjoy your fever!

The Upbeat Dad

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