Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Lasting Legacy!

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As I've thought about the mission of The Upbeat Dad, I've come to realize that our ultimate responsibility is to live exemplary lives that our children can emulate. Ours is such a huge responsibility that it should not be taken lightly.

I recall when I was younger I heard a song with the lyrics, "Before you be a father, try to be a man because not every father knows where babies come from." It's a bit comical but it's also true.

For today's blog, I'll keep it short and simple. I wrote a poem a few years ago that, I believe, articulates what our purpose should be. The title is A Lasting Legacy and it's found in my book, Poems of Inspiration: A Daily Dose of Self Motivation.

As I share this poem with you, keep in mind that you're building a legacy; you're paving the way for your children and their children. The life you live today will open the door for the lives your children will live tomorrow.  As you read this poem, I encourage you to make it your vow to build this legacy:

A Lasting Legacy

May I seek to serve my fellow man,
and give of myself and do all that I can.
May I love and give a helping hand—
that's the foundation on which I stand.

For what is my life if not to live?
And what is my purpose if not to give?
When my life has ended I cannot relive
the moments I now have to love and forgive.

Each day as I awaken and watch the sunrise
and offer my life as a sacrifice,
may I teach all I know, and give good advice—
displaying integrity with no compromise.

Whenever I come to the end of my days
and I go to my final resting place—
when the sun goes down and I finish this race,
may I leave this world a better place.

This is my vow to humanity—
a vow that will last all eternity.
For my children and all who will come after me,
may I leave a lasting legacy.

So won't you to build a legacy that will last for generations to come. I hope that your children will  reap the great rewards from the positive seeds that you sow into their lives each day.

The Upbeat Dad

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