Friday, October 8, 2010

We Have Liftoff!!

Dear Readers:

Thus ends a great first week of The Upbeat Dad Blog - at least the work week part of it. It's been a tremendous success thus far!

We have quite a number of readers of the blog and fans on our Facebook page as well as followers on Twitter. I could say that I'm surprised - but I'm not. Why? Is it arrogance speaking? Nope, that's not it. It just confirms my belief that the responsibility of fatherhood is one that both moms and dads, as well as kids value greatly. Our readers are of both genders and that is particularly gratifying. So thanks to you!

The message contained in this blog, in my belief, is life changing. The principles are timeless and have existed throughout history. The information that I share was really birthed from my own experience but it's opened my mind to the larger pool of persons that need to hear the message.

In the coming days and weeks, I plan to develop this blog into something that our readers yearn to read on a daily basis. As I stated in an earlier post, when I went through a divorce in the early 2000s, I went searching for something like this blog to keep me focused.

You will read postings that are inspirational. And others that are downright controversial! I encourage you, however, to be open to consider the value in the lessons that are being shared.

And please do join the discussions - on the blog then on our Facebook page. It is through good dialogue and debate that many of the more sensitive matters can be addressed.

Welcome again to the Upbeat Dad. Let's hang on for the ride! Because a thrilling ride it shall be!

The Upbeat Dad

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