Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Ok dads! It's October! Football season is in full swing - both NCAA and NFL! I say you should relax; let your hair down, and take it easy. Afterall, you work hard throughout the week, so why not take a break!

You know, I learned a valuable lesson last Sunday. My 12 year old daughter was asking me about football and how the game works. What a special time it was as I shared with her stuff like: what 1st and 10 means; when a team opts to punt instead of going for it on 4th down; when a team chooses to kick a field goal instead of punting. And of course, what a touchdown is and why they kick the extra point usually but sometimes they go for 2.

As I was explaining it to her, it occured to me that although she's 12, I've never had that "football talk" with her. Maybe I assumed that since she's a girl, she wouldn't have the interest. Afterall, she plays tennis and golf. And does "girly" stuff. But she really had a genuine interest in learning about football.

Then I felt somewhat ashamed. Why? Most of the time during football season I've just done what many dads have done - sit on the couch and watch football almost like I'm at a cathedral. Just me, the television and a "cold one!" Ok, I don't really drink but you get the point. I've kinda missed some valuable time bonding with her while doing something that I love. I didn't realize she wanted to kinda bond with me too.

What's the point of all this? I just think that when we relax and take some time to do the things that we love best, we can think of how our kids can be a part of it too. They didn't come into the world to stop us from "doing our thing." We can involve them as we enjoy our activities.

And also a very important point is that we need to also join them as they enjoy their activities. I'll share more on this point in later blogs. Today's post is more about involving them as we enjoy "guy stuff."

So go ahead! Gather the kids around the TV; get the remote in hand; get the popcorn ready; and let them enjoy your company as you enjoy the game! Are you ready for some football?

The Upbeat Dad


  1. Good Stuff...very impressive! Maybe you could take some time to teach me the game too.