Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planting the Seed of Success

Today’s post is just a quick and simple one to encourage us to chase our dreams. Each of us has goals and dreams that we feel will make our lives complete. Some might seem impossible to us. Some seem possible. But whatever the case may be, we all have goals and dreams.

Many of us set career goals only. But I also like to set family goals with my wife as we try to build a successful life together. I believe strongly that 2011 will be a great success for us because of certain plans that we have. And seeing those plans beginning to come together is exciting no doubt.

I encourage you and your spouse or significant other, if you have one, to set goals and map out the plan for your success. I believe that the limit to our potential lies in our heads. Success is all ours for the taking if we would only plant the thought in our minds that it is possible.

Do you want to be so accomplished that you can take family trips at will without much strain on the family budget? Do you want your kids to get a full ride to college via scholarship? This is all possible if you could only envision it being a reality.
My poem Like Planting a Seed addresses this concept – that ultimately, our potential for success lies within ourselves and not with others. Enjoy reading it:
Like Planting a Seed
By Rodrick Walters

Impossible is nothing if you only believe;
for whatever you imagine you can achieve.
The greatest success must start with a dream.
The life you desire must first be foreseen.

The road to success is like planting a seed,
and watching that seed become a tree.
You nurture it, protect it, that seed that you have sown,
and when it’s grown, it stands tall on its own.

The seed of success must be sown in your mind,
and nurtured, protected with each step you climb.
No matter how strong the winds of life blow,
you will rise above and stand on your own.

So never, my friend, be afraid to dream—
that’s the seed that will help you to reign supreme.
So dream your dream, it’s all your own;
and with it, I promise, you’re never alone.

How successful will your family be? Pretty much it is as you envision it to be. You can accomplish great things together. I sure hope you enjoy bringing that which you envision to reality.

Enjoy your day.
The Upbeat Dad

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