Friday, December 3, 2010

Upbeat Dad Of The Week: Your Dad!

As promised, today's Upbeat Dad of the Week is more of a tribute, a "shout out" if you will, to our fathers. Many of you have responded so I'll yield to you today and let you do the talking.

I'll just say that we often hear of "father's rights". And I'm a big proponent of that. I also recognize fatherhood as a privilege. Some of us are natural fathers. Others, step-fathers or adoptive fathers. I see all of this as a privilege because we get to sow positive seeds into the lives of the persons who will lead the next generation.

By the way, I wish special holiday greetings to my dad, T.P. Walters. He was featured as our Inaugural Upbeat Dad of the Week!

To all our fathers, I say, Happy Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza!

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, I hope that this season is filled with joy and the best of everything. And thanks for being the positive influences that our kids need to become successful!

The Upbeat Dad

Dad. I pray for good health, humor, and a winning streak for your beloved Rockets. Here's to celebrating a wonderful season of watching classic black and white movies on TCM with you!
Love, your daughter - Nikki M-W.

I love you very much daddy!  You are the best! Thank you for everything! Love Brianna M.

Dad, you have been the epitome of love and a parent and there is none other I would rather have as a father and role model.  I may not tell you everyday, just how much I care....

But pouring out my heart right now is bringing me to tears.  You are truly one in a million, the very best dad I know, and I will always love you, even if it doesn't always show.  You are amazing and truly a gift to us from God.

I love you!! - Lezonne C.

Hey Luke,

Happiness is a decision...thank you for all the time you have shared with me.  FEAR...I finally am figuring it all out.  Forever Onward...I know, there are many more.

 I love you, always. -Talitha L.

Merry Christmas Daddy! You are more than amazing and I am so thankful that you are my Father. I appreciate you and all that you do for me. I will forever be your little girl no matter how old I get :). Love you more than life itself, have a wonderful Christmas! - Christal R.

Dad, thank you for loving me unconditionally and teaching me how to be a Godly man and father. I pray that your Holiday Season will be filled with joy and peace. Words alone will never be enough to express how much I love and respect you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - Arthur E.

Wishing our wonderful fathers Rev. Arthur B and Bishop Quiglen D a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
Love you both - Chris and Fiona D.

To the most influencial man in my life, the same one that taught me how to ride a bike, the same one that saw me off to my prom, the same one that would do anything in the world to see his little girl happy... A Merry Christmas! I love you Daddy! - Denae C.

I love you daddy. Thank you for giving me all the stuff that I need. Thank you for loving me. Thanks for being the best dad in the whole world.  I'm glad I have you. I love that you're so nice to me. I love you. I'm thankful for all the stuff you buy me. Thank you for helping me with everything I can't do myself.  I'm glad you provide for me. - Christina W.

I want everyone to know that i have the best daddy in the world. We have fun, we talk and he always makes me laugh. Merry Christmas! - Ashley E.

Happy holidays to all the 'Upbeat Dads' in my life. May you receive the Lord's continuous blessings this holiday season and may you continue to be a blessing to your children and grand-children. Love - Dinley W.

Strong, passionate, loving father: that’s the man that I know, and the Dad that I love in Terence W.

As kids, we knew him as a tough disciplinarian; but only when we emerged from his loving care as adults could we truly understand that the discipline was there to allow us to be the best adults that we could be.

In that sense, Daddy raising us was like him driving a car that needed to get up to a certain speed; the firm hand of discipline was the accelerator, and our development was measured by the speedometer; as we grew and became more mature, he gradually eased off of the gas, until we hit a satisfactory cruising speed, and he lovingly retired the gas pedal.

Now, we know Daddy as a fun-loving, patriarch, fiercely proud of his kids and grandkids, and always willing to have a deep conversation about what’s wrong with the West Indies cricket team.

We love you Daddy!!! - Brian W. and family

I have heard it all my life and I know some of you have heard it too.  “You look just like your Dad.”  And while I am glad our good looking strong genes are being passed down generation to generation, I am even happier of the fact that my Dad  is striving harder to look even more like his Heavenly Father.  This makes me want to emulate him even more.  Merry Christmas to all the Dads with a higher purpose.  Merry Christmas to the “Upbeat Dads" - Clynton B.

I am wishing a Merry Christmas, to my father...Everard P. known to me as P.  I just want to take the time to tell you I'm so grateful to have you in my life. It's one of the best feelings when your parents stop being parents, and start being your friends. And not only are you my friend, you are my electrical consultant, mechanic, my nurse/drill sergeant. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be who I am and our family would not be what it is. You became the father that you never had. Love your best Mummy - Shara P.

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