Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Vision Unfolds! And Upbeat Dad Contest Preview!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this week I will be sharing how The Upbeat Dad blog will be used to ensure that we have more involved fathers in our kids’ lives. We recognize that there is a crisis and our kids are at a disadvantage as a result.
Our approach is necessarily multifaceted. Based on my observation and research, some of the major causes of the crisis are:
  • Fathers who simply neglect to fulfill their responsibility to their children
  • Fathers who genuinely want to be good dads but because of the biased family law system, become discouraged and walk away
  • Fathers and mothers who use kids as “pawns” in a power struggle with their exes
  • Fathers who did not have fathers of their own and therefore do not have a basic understanding of what fatherhood is all about
There are many more reasons but I believe each of these is significant.
How will we address this? Step one, I believe, is to highlight the issues. Then initiate dialogue. With that said, I encourage you to join our conversation as we address these issues. I count it a privilege to have so many readers of the blog. I’d also count it a privilege to hear your thoughts. So please chime in whenever you have thoughts to share that would give your perspective on these issues.
Upbeat Dad Contest Preview!
On another note, sometimes when we are addressing a problem, we are often guilty of failing to highlight the positive stories. On this blog, I’d like to hear of the ones that help us know that there are lots of upbeat dads who have helped to raise wonderful kids. We will have “upbeat dad” contests with prizes awarded to those whom you nominate!
Stay tuned because it’ll make this an interactive process. You may want to nominate your own dad, or your husband or perhaps your neighbor who went through a bitter divorce but became a better father as a result. Begin thinking about this now because I think it’ll be good!
There’s much more that I envision through this organization. I hope this kinda wets your appetite for what is to come!
Enjoy the remainder of the day. And as always, be upbeat for your kids.
The Upbeat Dad

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