Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caution on the Holiday!

Good day,

Today is Halloween and later this evening, many kids will be decked out in creative costumes going door to door for candy. I really don't get involved in the holiday itself other than getting candy for kids who may come around to our home.

Whatever your kids may be up to today, please be careful. We'd love to think that all our friends and neighbors are trustworthy and that our kids will exercise good judgment at all times. I think for the most part, people are good natured and caring. But there's an element of society that seems to get their thrills in causing harm and discomfort to others.

It's funny how we teach our kids not to talk to strangers but at Halloween, they not only talk to strangers, they also take candy and other food from them. I'm not saying this to cause alarm. Neither am I saying that your kids shouldn't go out and participate in the tradition. What I am saying is, don't take for granted that everyone with whom they may interact has the best of intentions.

As dads, we're ultimately responsible for the well-being and protection of our families and especially our kids. If your kids are going out this evening, depending on their age, you should probably go with them. And if they're old enough to go out with their own friends, still you should have a point of contact with them so their whereabouts are known to you.

Some recommend that kids should only eat candy they get that's in a sealed wrapper. That way we know that it couldn't be tainted. Some also highly recommend that if they're given fruit, they should not be eaten at all. Again, I'm not trying to cause alarm but rather, I'm encouraging caution.

We're approaching the holiday season - a festive and joyous time for millions around the world. As we enter this season, let's do so with excitement and anticipation for great things. Let's also be wise about how we keep our families safe at this time.

Enjoy the day and the upcoming season. All the best to you and yours.

The Upbeat Dad

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