Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enjoy the Holidays Responsibly!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

I live in the Miami area and I have been almost oblivious to the fact that we're in the fall/winter season. But today we're experiencing a cold front - it's actually not getting above the 60s all day!! Bbbbrrrr!!! I know that's nothing compared to the weather some of you experience but still, it's a bit cool for me.

This time of year can be so wonderful. We visit family and friends and have a wonderful time. We trade the hustle and bustle of the rat race for the joy and laughter of the holidays.

Whatever you do during this time, please exercise caution. Traditionally, alcohol consumption increases throughout the holidays, as we're in the festive season. It's great to have a good time but what a tragedy it would be if we celebrate to excess and our families are left to rebuild their lives without us after the season is done.

Many stories abound of alcohol related deaths during the holiday season. I know some of these families personally and the impact can be truly devastating. It's one thing to hear of these stories in the media. And a totally different thing when you see the lives of those you personally know and love turned upside down by this issue. 

Let's be wise in how we go about celebrating over these next several weeks. Let's have the time of our lives! But let's also be careful and responsible as we enjoy this most festive season!

May the holidays be filled with joyous celebrations for you and yours!

The Upbeat Dad

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