Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Veterans Day Salute!

On this Veterans Day, we pause to salute the great men and women who have defended our great nation by serving in the armed forces. We thank each of you for your service. We are so much better for it!
I want to give special acknowledgment to the “upbeat dads” who are currently deployed in Afghanistan and other places around the world. Being away from their families to defend freedom is such a great sacrifice. As we all know, many do not even make it home to the open arms of their loved ones. That is, indeed the supreme sacrifice. We salute each military family for giving so that our fellow citizens can live and be free.
I dedicate the following poem, Freedom is the Cry of Every Man, to our brave military personnel on this Veterans Day. It’s from my book Poems of Inspiration: A Daily Dose of Self-Motivation. You have fought to defend our freedom, the primary tenet on which our nation was founded. We often take this freedom for granted – especially when many of us have never experienced the oppression that many in our world do, even in this day and age.
Freedom Is the Cry of Every Man

Freedom is the cry of every man—
a foundation on which to stand.
Freedom to think, to imagine, to be;
freedom brings dreams to reality.

How can the bird fly unless it’s free?
Or dreams take flight without eyes to see?
The eyes of the wise are the ones we should cherish,
for when there's no vision, we surely will perish.

A free mind can make a pauper a king
when it discovers the potential deep within.
It marches to the sound of its own unique beat,
and helps make the life of a dreamer complete.

All men should have the liberty
to live their dreams – whatever they may be.
For every man deserves the right
to soar like an eagle to higher heights.

I encourage each reader today to pay a visit, make a phone call, send an email or post a social media message thanking our veterans for their service. It is a noble calling to defend a nation so we pause today and say thanks.
To our veterans, we thank you for your service. May this Veterans Day remind you how much your labor is appreciated.
Happy Veterans Day,
The Upbeat Dad

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