Saturday, October 30, 2010

Symphony of Life!

Today's post is a simple thought that each of us is an instrument in the symphony of life. We each have a part to play. Just like in a symphony, no instrument is useless, so it is in our lives. We all have gifts and talents that can allow us to do great things.

As fathers, we should try to develop our talents so that we can be the very best for our families and for ourselves. And we should do our best to ensure that our children learn of the part they have to play in this symphony.

The following poem, Symphony of Life, from my book, Poems of Inspiration: A Daily Dose of Self Motivation, illustrates this very real point.

Symphony of Life

Up early another morning
to see the sunrise. The dew rests gently
on the grass after another night. The whisper
of the morning breeze blows sweetly through
the trees. The sparrow flies to greet the day,
like he always does, and
I stroll down by the ocean just to hear
the sound of the waves sailing to the shore.
This makes life worth living.
All creation joins in this daily symphony;
every instrument plays its part.
I must find my role in this;
today is a good day to start.

I trust that you learn of  the role you have to play. And when you do, play your part and play it well!

The Upbeat Dad

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