Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Perfect Storm!

Dads and sports fans, tonight the NBA season officially kicked off! Tomorrow the World Series begins. The NFL and NCAA football are in full swing. And the NHL is well underway! I call this The Perfect Storm!

Every year around the end of October / early November, all the major sports are in session. As a sports fan, I'm beyond excited! Because there's never a dull moment with these athletic events. So that time is now upon us!

Dads, won't you try to bring your kids out to see their heroes play in a sport they love. All kids love some sport, right? Sports are really childlike activities played with a ball (or puck) and kids can easily relate to them.

Some of the best moments I've had with my 12 year old daughter have been when I've taken her to athletic events. Sitting in the stands explaining to her what's going on on the field is just special. Now I have a newborn son so I'm looking forward to bonding with him as he learns about these athletic events.

Dads, remember your kids aren't really for keeps. They're always your children but soon they become adults and leave "the nest." The quality time you spend with them now makes all the difference in the world.

How many times have you heard an adult speak about "when dad took me to my first ballgame." Even as an adult I recall over 30 years ago when my dad took me to my first ballgame. I still talk about that to this day.

Bonding while watching sports, as far as I'm concerned, is a win-win situation. You and your kids enjoy the event as well as each others' company. So won't you take some time and schedule a trip to your nearest sports arena. Trust me, you'll come out smelling like roses!

What's a 4 letter word that lets you kids know you love them? T-I-M-E! So spend some quality time with them and they'll thank you for it.

Enjoy The Perfect Storm! And may your team(s) win!

The Upbeat Dad

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