Monday, March 21, 2011

How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Coming Along?

It's hard to believe that we're almost at the end of the month. Didn't we just welcome the new year? Where has the time gone? As we approach the ending of the first quarter of the year, I just want to ask a few quick questions: where are you in terms of meeting your goals? Are you on track? What about those new year's resolutions? Remember those?
At the end of last year, I wrote the post Year End Inventory. I wrote about my background in the accounting profession and how at the end of each year, companies do an inventory count to show the figure that they will report on their financial statements.
As I mentioned in that post, in our lives we ought to take inventory of where we are. More importantly, we ought to take steps to position ourselves where we desire to be. A new year is well underway and while that's a good thing, I'm concerned that many of us have become so comfortable in our daily routine that we've forgotten those things that set out to accomplish.
I believe strongly in setting career and professional goals. I've done it since college days and it's worked wonders for me. But how many of us set goals for our lives at home? What do we do differently in order to get the families that we desire?
You may have heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Year after year, many of us have the same lack of satisfaction with how things are at home. And each year end we plan to do something about it. And before you know it, when the thrill of the new year’s season is gone, life gets back to normal and we get settled in our routines. Work and school and the daily chores become the norm again and our euphoric moment in which we made our resolutions seems a distant memory.
My challenge to you today as we prepare for the end of the first quarter is that you gauge where you in your family life so far this year. How's the communication between you and your spouse? How about the kids? Are you spending enough time with them? Do you have periodic family meetings to assess how things are with everyone?
Here's my recommendation. If you haven't already done so, document a family plan of action. Get everyone's input so each of you take ownership of it. That also establishes some accountability.
The summer's coming up. Decide as a family what you'll do for summer vacation this year. If you're a single parent, you can plan something special with the kids. You know, they can easily feel like they're lacking something that their friends from 2 parent households have. It's really all about being proactive and getting from life what we desire. And our families should be our biggest priority.
Abraham Lincoln said, "If you fail to plan, then plan to fail." That phrase is quite applicable to us as we seek to get the most out of this year. It's easier said than done, I know. The economy has its issues. And our lives have unforeseen circumstances that alter our plans at times. But just like with a sailboat in the ocean, we can't control the wind and the direction of the wind. However we can control how we position ourselves. And in so doing, no matter how the winds of life blow, we will come out victorious.
If you've found yourself going off-course in this relatively new year, I hope that this post is just the jolt that you need to get you back on track. I said when the year started that someone's going to have a breakout year this year so why not you? Check the post. I think you can be that one who's poised for a breakout this year - both in your personal and professional life.
Let's make some great things happen this new year. Your greatness must be on display - the world needs you to shine like the star that you are. I look forward to hearing of just how this has been the year when things have come together for you. This can really be a reality in your life.
As Nike's slogan says, "Just do it!"
Enjoy your day.

The Upbeat Dad

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