Sunday, March 20, 2011

Helping Your Kids Discover Their Greatness Within

Last week I started a weekly Sunday post where I share a thought for the week and conclude with a poem. This week, I'll share with you one of the first poems I ever wrote - from back in the mid 90s. It's a poem that I think speaks to each of us as citizens of this world who want to make our lives count for something meaningful.
I wrote this poem as I reflected on my life's journey. I had always looked to others and admired their greatness, not recognizing that I have my own inherent greatness. Far too often we admire the skills and talents of others and never look within to see that we, too, are highly gifted.
As our kids grow and develop, we should help them to embrace their individuality, being happy with just who they are. Sure they can have sports and entertainment heroes. Sure they should look to us as their guides. But there comes the point when they need to look within and embrace their own innate brilliance.
The poem Greatness Within speaks to this need. Enjoy reading it and share it with your kids, if you will.
I’ve walked all along this lifelong highway;
the lessons I’ve learned have guided my way.
But I never could solve the deep mystery:
I saw greatness in others, but never in me.

I looked at my father, my brother, my friend;
to life’s great heights they always transcend.
Shouldn’t I have his talents, or her dignity?
I can’t seem to be happy with just being me.

So I sought and I tried to be like each one,
to get their rewards and to have all their fun.
But strangely I found that I failed every time;
I can’t have their gifts—I’ll just work on mine.

Could that be the answer? Do I have what it takes?
Could my life make a difference to the whole human race?
Of course, I am gifted, and that’s not a sin.
I look in the mirror and see greatness within
Your kids were born to be great, in their own way. As they embrace themselves as they are and look at the gifts they were born with, there's nothing that they cannot accomplish.
I hope that, like so many who have lived and discovered their talents, your kids will look in the mirror and see true greatness within.
Enjoy your day.
The Upbeat Dad


  1. I love this post. Helping kids discover their talents and potential is a struggle for all of us so I think it is something we can relate to.

  2. Very inspirational! I enjoyed talking to you at BNI today.