Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Instrument are You in the Symphony of Life?

Today's post is an encouragement for us to do a bit of introspection, or self-reflection. Each of us is born with innate skills and talents. These are gifts that we didn't have to earn - we got them by simply being conceived and born.

As dads and moms, I believe that our lives have greater meaning when we recognize our talents and try to develop them so that we can be our best. Living lives filled with purpose makes us better, more effective people. And here's the kicker - it equips us with the tools to teach our kids how to get the most out of life. 

You see, we weren't just born to grow up and make money. You were born to accomplish specific tasks that you were uniquely created to accomplish. A proverb that I love says, "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men." So as you develop your skills, those skills open doors for you so that your greatness can be evident to the world.

A good parent helps his/her kids to discover their own talents. I tell my daughter all the time that as she goes to school, she's not just there to go through the motions. She's now 12 years old but as far back as when she was 2 years old, I've been telling her that she's going to do great things for her generation. I tell her she was born to be a trendsetter and a leader, not a follower.

I think you should do the same for your kids. Speak words of life to them - words to encourage them to discover their purpose and to develop their innate talents. Of course words alone don't do it but they set the tone.

I encourage you to challenge your kids to see themselves as a valued instrument in a symphony. When you listen to a symphony, there are a combination of instruments that come together to make beautiful music. Each instrument has its own unique sound and plays a significant part. And when you put them all together, they make beautiful music.

Life is a symphony. And we are all instruments - dads, moms, kids, everybody. The question is, what instrument are you? And what sound do you make? You do have a significant role to play, you know. And so do your kids.

The following poem, found in my book, Poems of Inspiration: A Daily Dose of Self Motivation, illustrates this concept quite well:

Symphony of Life

Up early another morning
to see the sunrise. The dew rests gently
on the grass after another night. The whisper
of the morning breeze blows sweetly through
the trees. The sparrow flies to greet the day,
like he always does, and
I stroll down by the ocean just to hear
the sound of the waves sailing to the shore.
This makes life worth living.
All creation joins in this daily symphony;
every instrument plays its part.
I must find my role in this;
today is a good day to start.

My vow is to so develop my skills and talents that I will function as a finely tuned instrument and serve others with my gifts. And furthermore, I vow to help others, particularly my own child, to develop their gifts. When we see ourselves as important instruments in this symphony, I believe that our perspectives change. 

So won't you embrace this philosophy. And encourage your kids to do the same. When we develop this mindset, our entire world benefits from our collective efforts. Imagine that, it starts in our homes with our families. And then it impacts the world. Powerful concept, huh!

You're a valued instrument in this symphony we call life. And so are your children. Tune up those instruments! And let's enjoy the sweet melody!

The Upbeat Dad

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