Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tell Your Dad Thanks (While the World is Listening!)

On yesterday's post, I shared my personal testimony of how I went from the turmoil of my divorce in Thanksgiving 2001 to the bliss of Thanksgiving 2010 with my new family. When I looked at the statistics this morning, I see that it's the 3rd most read post in our brief history. Many of you shared with me how encouraged you were by it. And that's gratifying to know.
A significant reason that I made it through that rough patch was the love shown to me by both of my parents - love, not only in words but also in deed! And that got me thinking - even though we have readers all over the world, since we're based in the United States and this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, I'd like to make this week a week of thanksgiving for the dads in our lives. So each post will be about different aspects of thanksgiving for our dads.
And I'd like to culminate this special week by having you give thanks in your own words to your dad or father figure, while the world is listening! In less than 2 months since we launched The Upbeat Dad, we literally have readers on every continent - except for maybe Antarctica! So your "voice" would be "heard" all over the world as you say thanks to your dad.
Many of us today have grown into successful adults due to the guidance of our parents. We appreciate the roles that our moms play - afterall they're the ones who carry us in their wombs and give birth to us. We take it for granted but it's a fact that many risk their lives giving birth to us.
Our dads have a different role. They're generally the providers. They're also more the disciplinarians to keep us on the right path. They often do not get credit for raising successful children - and this label is too often well deserved. Many fathers lose out on the opportunity to be "daddy" because they're away working and not watching their kids grow. While there are others who, despite everything going on in their lives, always find the time for their kids.
As mentioned above, this week I invite you to share stories about your dads or other father figures in your lives. And then on Friday, when we generally honor our "Upbeat Dad of the Week" I'd like to feature your stories. This week, we're not looking for the detailed stories that we generally have. Just tell us in 3-5 sentences why you're thankful for your dad or father figure.
Some of your dads may have passed away so you could use this platform as a tribute to them. Some of you may have been adopted so you can use this as an opportunity to say thanks to your dad for choosing to adopt you. Others may have been reunited with your dad after a strained relationship. Whatever the case let's share these stories to encourage each other.
This season of Thanksgiving is special. We would like to highlight all of our dads to whom to say thanks. You can submit your stories by any of the following means:
  • Email: info@rodrickwaltersenterprises.com
  • Post a message on our Facebook page
  • Comment on this post here on the blog
Do encourage others to join you in sharing their stories. Let's make this Friday a day that all our dads feel good about the roles they play in our lives. They're deserving in so many ways.
So let's hear from you! And remember to read our postings each day this week as we give thanks for our dads!
Have yourself a great day!
The Upbeat Dad

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