Friday, February 11, 2011

A Successful Launch!

On Fridays we generally do our Upbeat Dad of the Week feature. Since all our energies and focus have been on our inaugural community forum, which we had last night, we will postpone our feature this week. And next Friday, we're doing a special post on the forum. The following week, on Friday, February 25, we will resume our Upbeat Dad of the Week feature.

The forum was a great success as we had a very good turnout and a wonderful program. I will share much more about the event on Sunday. For now we exhale after a great kickoff to the new phase of our organization.

Today’s post will be abbreviated. I’m just reflecting on the fact that we set out last October to do something meaningful for fathers, mothers and children around the world. With the success of the blog, we certainly have made a positive contribution through that medium.
Now that our first public event has come and gone, we’ve entered a new phase – one where we can touch lives in a more direct way. Seeing, meeting and interacting with persons face to face is an awesome experience and I look forward to many more events of this type. The possibilities are endless, believe me!
As I said, today’s post will be abbreviated as we exhale from the successful launch of our community forum. Be sure to read next Friday’s post where you’ll learn much more about the forum. For now, we reflect on all that took place yesterday and all that lies in store for us and for the lives that we have the privilege of touching through our work.

Thanks for tuning in. The best is yet to come!
Enjoy your day.
The Upbeat Dad

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