Sunday, April 3, 2011

Formula for S-U-C-C-E-S-S

As we head back for a new work week, here's a little jolt in the arm that can help you to make it a great success. Despite what you may have heard, no one becomes successful overnight. It's a slow methodical process. But as you keep focused on your goal, seemingly overnight everything starts happening for you.

The great thing about the principles of success is that they apply to every aspect of life. Wanna climb the corporate ladder? Apply the principles. Wanna build the family of your dreams? Apply the principles. They work – they really do.

Examine the lives of the great men and women who have impacted ours and past generations and you’ll see a common thread – the formula of success at work. During the weekend, we have more time with our families to build the loving relationships that will guide us. But during the week is when we go out and put our career plans in motion so that we can provide for our loved ones and ourselves. It all requires an understanding of the principles of success.

I have written my own version of what it takes to be successful. It’s a good tool to use as you pursue your personal and professional goals. Enjoy reading this formula in the following poem:

By Rodrick Walters

Start each day with renewed focus

Understand that you have a purpose to fulfill

Count the cost of achieving your purpose

Commit yourself to accomplishing at least one task daily in order to fulfill your purpose

Expect nothing less than the best possible outcome

Stay true to your convictions

Share your reward with others

Let’s go out and make it a great week!
The Upbeat Dad

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