Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Eagle

Today’s post is just a quick note of inspiration. The majestic bird, the eagle, is filled with many practical lessons for you and me. You may hear of a flock of seagulls but you never hear of a flock of eagles. Why? Because the eagle flies alone – it doesn’t conform to the pattern of others but rather it charts its own course and determines its destiny.

My poem The Eagle gives us a glimpse into the life of this bird. As you read it, I hope that it enlightens you and helps you to embrace your individuality.

By Rodrick Walters

If birds of a feather flock together
Then why does the eagle roam?
For whether in calm or stormy weather
The eagle flies always alone

On his own the mighty eagle flies
He soars to heights unknown
Alone he sees the vast blue skies
The world is all his own

His vision is much sharper than
Any other bird of prey’s
From miles away the eagle can
See nature on full display

The eagle can renew his strength
By changing his feathers and beak
Instinctively he knows to shed
The parts that make him weak

A lesson to humanity
The eagle teaches well
More than a symbol of liberty
He has a story to tell

While others fit in with the crowd
On your own course embark
While others sit you must stand proud
If you wish to make your mark

With the mighty eagle’s vision keen
Stay focused on your goal
For you can realize your dreams
They’re under your control

When it seems all hope has gone away
And you need your strength renewed
Just like this awesome bird of prey
Learn how to start anew

Then fly above on eagle’s wings
Fly on and reach new heights
For each man has a song to sing
And dreams to put to flight.

You’ve got greatness within you and that greatness can only be maximized when you embrace your individuality. I hope that by observing the life of this great bird of prey, you can will see how you can soar to true greatness.  So fly like an eagle and reach great heights for yourself and your family.

The Upbeat Dad

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